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Make a lasting impression! Supreme Concrete creates stunning concrete patios for your Columbus home.

Expand Your Living Space: Concrete Patios

Imagine extending your living area outdoors. With a concrete patio from Supreme Concrete, you can create a beautiful and durable space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the fresh air. Our expert team will work with you to design a custom patio that perfectly complements your home and style. Get a free quote today!

What’s under our Concrete Patios

The process begins with digging to the right depth for the base stone, ensuring it’s stable. Fabric is laid down to stop weeds, then the stone is compacted well. Limestone chips are placed for correct paver seating, and pavers are laid per design. Concrete edges are added for stability, and polymeric sand fills the joints securely.

Installation Process

Imagine extending your living area outdoors. With a concrete patio from Supreme Concrete, you can create a beautiful and durable space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the fresh air.
We'll carefully remove any existing vegetation and topsoil to ensure a level base, laying the groundwork for a stable patio foundation.
Utilizing precise tools, we'll determine the ideal height for your patio, guaranteeing proper drainage and connection to your home. Sturdy frames will be erected to delineate the patio's dimensions, providing a clear guide for the upcoming concrete pour.
With specialized equipment, we'll compact the gravel base, ensuring optimal density and stability to support the concrete overlay. This critical step lays the groundwork for a durable and long-lasting patio surface.
Once the gravel base is prepared, we'll pour the concrete onto the designated area, carefully smoothing it out with a broom for a uniform appearance. Additionally, we'll strategically place control joints to mitigate the risk of unsightly cracks, enhancing the patio's structural integrity.
After the concrete pour, we'll oversee the curing process, allowing the patio to set and strengthen over a period of 28 days. Throughout this time, we'll provide maintenance guidance to ensure optimal results and longevity for your newly installed patio.

Transform Your Backyard: Design Your Dream Patio Today!


Explore the Perfect Concrete Patio

Local Expert Patio Installation

Concrete patios offer a winning combination of aesthetics and functionality. Unlike wood or flagstone, concrete is highly resistant to cracking, chipping, and weather damage.

We go beyond just pouring concrete. We create patios that reflect your unique style. We’ll help you design a patio that seamlessly integrates with your home’s exterior and landscaping.

Contact Supreme Concrete Solutions for a free consultation and estimate. We’ll help you create the perfect concrete patio for your needs and budget, transforming your backyard into a space you’ll love for years to come

Testimonials / Reviews

17:36 11 May 24
Fantastic work. Delivered what was promised, on time, on budget, and with no hassle. Looks fantastic as well.
Wil RuoffWil Ruoff
23:08 16 Apr 24
Glad I used this company for a concrete job I needed done. It was a concrete approach from the road to my driveway that needed tore out and replaced. Both the work and communication were excellent. Fair priced and worked around my schedule. Would recommend.
Kendall MillerKendall Miller
10:51 15 Apr 24
Great experience with supreme concrete - they did our front and back sidewalk plus a patio area. Very good pricing and were quick to complete the job
Mariam TsertsvadzeMariam Tsertsvadze
17:36 16 Feb 24
We just moved into our new home, and all of our neighbors suggested Supreme Concrete Solutions for our concrete driveway. We were so impressed by their professionalism and quality of work. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was done timely, and the way we wanted it, especially right before a big event. Thank you so much!!!
Rich WRich W
17:25 25 Sep 23
I called to look into an estimate for a back patio project we were thinking of doing. They came next day to the house to introduce themselves and gave an estimate later that day.Great communication and started/finished the job sooner than I expected. They were able to start sooner due to another project being completed sooner than expected, but made sure it was okay with me first before heading my way. Always ensured to communicate travel times and expectations of when they will be there + project completion. The team that did the backyard were friendly, timely, and did a great job.I appreciate the whole team there for your timeliness, personability, and for answering any questions I had before, during, and after the project. Looking forward to the memories to come on the patio.
I was on the Nextdoor app and I came across Mr Hagiel (owner of Supreme Exterior). They have various lines of business. He was listing positive reviews received about the work of his company Supreme Concrete. Sadly people on the app mistook him for a scammer who was promoting himself. FORTUNATELY for me 😊I decided to call and ask questions.I'm glad I did because it was a great experience! From the first day Jordan and Liron (Hagiel) came out and gave an estimate. They assured us everything would be done to our specifications. We had a a lot of rain but they remained in contact with us throughout the process. Their employee's were polite when they were working at our home. They were so polite that I learned a few of their names, so thank you Juan, Lallo and Luciano for a job well done! We've been wanting to redo our concrete pad for quite some time but all things happen at the right time. I'm grateful to have discovered the right company! Supreme Concrete will definitely get the job done! Oh and their prices are beyond reasonable! Thanks again fellas!Sunshine Wilkey Culbreath
Mike GeiszMike Geisz
21:53 24 Feb 23
Solid experience with this company. I contacted several for quotes. Supreme came in with a competitive quote. Communication was prompt and they were able to work with me on installation dates. I was able to give them my plans for the project and they made adjustments as needed. I would recommend them for you concrete project.


Concrete patios offer several advantages over other options like wood or flagstone. Concrete is significantly more durable, lasting decades with proper care.
Concrete patios are highly customizable! We offer a variety of colors, including stains and dyes, to match your existing décor. You can also choose from various textures like stamped concrete that mimics the look of natural stone or slate.
The installation time for a concrete patio depends on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, it can range from 2-5 days. This timeframe includes excavation, preparation, pouring, and curing the concrete. We will provide a detailed timeline during the consultation process.
Concrete patios are known for being low-maintenance. Regular cleaning with a hose or power washer is sufficient to remove dirt and debris. Sealing your patio every 3-5 years can further enhance its lifespan and protect it from staining.
Absolutely! We can incorporate various features into your concrete patio design. Fire pits, built-in seating, planters, and even custom grill stations are all possibilities.
When planning your patio, consider how you intend to use the space. Will it be for intimate gatherings, large barbecues, or simply relaxing? Measure your available space and factor in furniture placement and walkways. We can help you design a patio that maximizes functionality and aesthetics while complementing your outdoor living area.
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