Retaining Walls: A Solution for Slopes and Style

Tired of a sloping yard limiting your usable space? Supreme Concrete offers beautiful and dependable retaining walls that add both functionality and style to your property. 

Your Property with Lasting Support

Imagine your backyard transformed! No longer a frustrating slope, but a space brimming with possibilities. Retaining walls are the secret weapon in your landscaping arsenal. They’re more than just barriers; they’re the key to unlocking a world of functionality and beauty.

What's under our Retaining Walls?

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, hidden layers behind the wall ensure it stays sturdy for years. Crushed stones act like a drainage ditch, moving water away to prevent build-up. Packed on top is compacted soil, the wall’s solid base that keeps it from moving. The bricks are the wall itself, often held together cleverly. With a finishing look of decorative caps on to that add extra protection. Each layer works together to make your retaining wall a long-lasting landscaping hero.

Installation Process

In some cases, there may be existing structures or landscaping in the way. Our team will carefully remove any obstacles to create a clean slate for the retaining wall installation.
We meticulously excavate the designated area according to the wall's design and engineering specifications. This ensures proper depth and stability for the structure.
Pour 6" layer of base crushed compacted stone or gravel essential for drainage and support. Our team will meticulously level and compact this base material to create a solid foundation for the retaining wall blocks.
The retaining wall blocks are expertly laid according to the chosen design plan. Our skilled professionals ensure each block is level, plumb, and securely connected, creating a stable and visually appealing wall.
Depending on the design and block type, concrete or stone caps may be installed on the top of the wall for a finished look and added protection from the elements.
The area behind the wall is filled with proper drainage materials, such as crushed stone or gravel with filter fabric. This allows water to drain away from the wall, preventing buildup and potential damage.
We take pride in leaving your property spotless. Once the installation is complete, our team will thoroughly clean up the work area, removing any debris or leftover materials.

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Retaining Wall Transformation Gallery

Your Local Retaining Wall Experts: Supreme Concrete

At Supreme Concrete, we understand the unique soil conditions. 

This local expertise allows us to design and build retaining walls that are not only beautiful but also structurally sound and compliant with regulations.  

We use high-quality materials and proven construction techniques to ensure your retaining wall provides lasting support and value to your property.

Testimonials / Reviews

17:36 11 May 24
Fantastic work. Delivered what was promised, on time, on budget, and with no hassle. Looks fantastic as well.
Wil RuoffWil Ruoff
23:08 16 Apr 24
Glad I used this company for a concrete job I needed done. It was a concrete approach from the road to my driveway that needed tore out and replaced. Both the work and communication were excellent. Fair priced and worked around my schedule. Would recommend.
Kendall MillerKendall Miller
10:51 15 Apr 24
Great experience with supreme concrete - they did our front and back sidewalk plus a patio area. Very good pricing and were quick to complete the job
Mariam TsertsvadzeMariam Tsertsvadze
17:36 16 Feb 24
We just moved into our new home, and all of our neighbors suggested Supreme Concrete Solutions for our concrete driveway. We were so impressed by their professionalism and quality of work. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was done timely, and the way we wanted it, especially right before a big event. Thank you so much!!!
Rich WRich W
17:25 25 Sep 23
I called to look into an estimate for a back patio project we were thinking of doing. They came next day to the house to introduce themselves and gave an estimate later that day.Great communication and started/finished the job sooner than I expected. They were able to start sooner due to another project being completed sooner than expected, but made sure it was okay with me first before heading my way. Always ensured to communicate travel times and expectations of when they will be there + project completion. The team that did the backyard were friendly, timely, and did a great job.I appreciate the whole team there for your timeliness, personability, and for answering any questions I had before, during, and after the project. Looking forward to the memories to come on the patio.
I was on the Nextdoor app and I came across Mr Hagiel (owner of Supreme Exterior). They have various lines of business. He was listing positive reviews received about the work of his company Supreme Concrete. Sadly people on the app mistook him for a scammer who was promoting himself. FORTUNATELY for me 😊I decided to call and ask questions.I'm glad I did because it was a great experience! From the first day Jordan and Liron (Hagiel) came out and gave an estimate. They assured us everything would be done to our specifications. We had a a lot of rain but they remained in contact with us throughout the process. Their employee's were polite when they were working at our home. They were so polite that I learned a few of their names, so thank you Juan, Lallo and Luciano for a job well done! We've been wanting to redo our concrete pad for quite some time but all things happen at the right time. I'm grateful to have discovered the right company! Supreme Concrete will definitely get the job done! Oh and their prices are beyond reasonable! Thanks again fellas!Sunshine Wilkey Culbreath
Mike GeiszMike Geisz
21:53 24 Feb 23
Solid experience with this company. I contacted several for quotes. Supreme came in with a competitive quote. Communication was prompt and they were able to work with me on installation dates. I was able to give them my plans for the project and they made adjustments as needed. I would recommend them for you concrete project.


We design and build retaining walls for a variety of purposes, including garden borders, sloped yard correction, multi-level patios, and even pool enclosures.
We offer a variety of retaining wall block options to suit your design preferences and budget. These include durable and attractive concrete blocks with various textures and colors.
The installation time depends on the size and complexity of the project. During a free consultation, we can provide a more accurate time frame based on your specific needs.
Minimal maintenance is required. Occasionally, you may need to remove weeds or inspect for any drainage issues. We can provide detailed maintenance recommendations based on your specific retaining wall.
Absolutely! Retaining walls not only improve the functionality and aesthetics of your landscape but can also increase your property value.
Permitting requirements can vary depending on your location and the size of the retaining wall. Our team can help you navigate the permitting process and ensure your project complies with all local regulations.
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